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With all the computer stores out there, why shop at Computer Edge? Competitive prices, top quality products and unparalelled customer service, for starters...
Here are 8 good reasons to put your trust in Computer Edge:

1. Better quality power supply
Our new power supplies are Intel 2.03 certified, which are regulated and meet the requirements of Intel Processors. They are also ultra quiet. Some of the less expensive power supplies (used by most of our competitors) use cheaper components, and do not keep a regulated voltage to your system, which can result in errors, lockups, and unwanted shutdowns. More importantly, these cheap supplies over time eventually blow out the capacitors leaving you with a dead system. Sometimes, it takes other components with it, such as your hard drive, vide card, CPU etc....even your data....

2. Asus Motherboards
Long considered the #1 manufacturer of motherboards in the world. Computer Edge Brampton now has implemented Asus as our exclusive suppliers. Support, warranty, RMA Returns were considered and Asus was by far the best. The landscape has changed over the last few years. As a supplier, we have to warranty what we sell. We were sorry to see many of the brands we supported either go out of business or not distributed in Canada. Worse yet, there are some companies that are still in business that will not warranty their product. Needless to say we were a BIT disappointed.

3. INTEL Processors
We carry exclusively Intel Retail Box CPUs. These carry a 3 Year Warranty direct with Intel. Most stores use OEM chips because of their lower cost. These OEM chips carry only a 30-day warranty and do not have an Intel fan. If the store you purchase your system from goes out of business, so does your warranty. Intel also specs the fan for proper cooling. Any other generic fan cannot possibly do the same job, hence the short warranty period.

4. Tech Support
Carrying one brand of motherboard gives us the ability to know these products much better. Asus has an excellent tech support for drivers, BIOS updates, FAQ's, etc . The customer can use this site as well. Visit it today... www.asus.com.tw. Also, we have streamlined our product line to offer only the top brand names that can offer the same support level.

5. Customer Service
We service and upgrade all makes and models of computers. Not just our own. We have retained our top staff to service our customer needs. If you want to deal with the same person each time you visit, done. Knowledgeable staff and a low turnover rate is key. Have a problem? We can help you solve it over the phone. If not, you can carry in your system and we can assess it on the spot. A big problem for the customer is often a simple fix for our experienced staff. We will be more than glad to help you. If your system has special needs, we can check it into intensive care and turnaround is usually within 48 hours. Need it quicker? We offer three levels of priority service.

6. ON Site Service
Computer Edge now offers on-site service for our customers. Don't want to unplug and drag everything to the store when you have a problem? We can send a technician to your home or place of work to help you. It only costs a little more than our store labour rates, but can save you a lot of aggravation. For your business, we now have Certified Microsoft Solution Providers retained on staff for your needs. Networking, wire drops, routers, Internet security, system upgrades. We do it all!! Call us today, we can send a representative for a no obligation quote to assess your requirements.

7. LG monitors
While we can source virtually any brand of monitor (Sony, NEC, Samsung, Viewsonic, etc), we have contracted LG for our 'house-brand' for several reasons. LG Monitors are very price completive with others in the market and offer more value for your money than higher priced name brands. Also, location is of concern. Shipping monitors back to the supplier is very costly. If you purchase from a store, usually the responsibility is for the customer to return the monitor to the warranty depot for service. This can be very expensive. Damage during shipping, finding the original box and downtime are some other problems. LG is located at Hurontario Street and Derry Road on the Mississauga/Brampton border. Quick turnaround time for service, convenient location, and even a dedicated sales rep who actually makes his residence in Brampton, five minutes from our store.

8. TTX Laptops
New to this market, TTX decided to take advantage of their position in the marketplace by offering notebooks. You can custom configure your PC to suit your needs. No need to pay for features that you do not want. Large screen, lots of memory, CD-Writer, small footprints, DVD's. TTX will surely have a laptop to suit your needs. You can visit them online at www.ttx.ca. Call us to book a demo today. You don't need to look for a service center when you have a problem. Their head office is only five minutes away!