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We are proud to be an exclusive distributor of Asus Motherboards. The P4 CPU on 800MHz FSB, Intel 875P chipset and ASUS' motherboard expertise are exactly what you need if extreme performance is what you are looking for. The P4C800 Deluxe has all of the above plus dual-channel ECC DDR 400 memory, Hyper-Threading Technology support and a whole bunch of advanced innovations for an expert like you.

Asus Motherboards

We carry a full line of LG monitors. Shown here is the LG 15" Flatron 1511S LCD. FLATRON TFT-LCD monitors represent the cuttingedge. in technology and style. As one of the largest. manufacturers of monitors. LG brings FLATRON TFT-LCD to the market with ultimate efficiencies in design, performance, reliability and value.
15" LG Monitors

18" LG Monitors

We carry a full line of Asus video cards. The V9950 series and GeForce FX 5900 family have taken graphics performance to a whole new era. Large bandwidth of 256bit and NVIDIA's exclusive Lightspeed Memory Architecture enable complex textures, lighting, and other effects to an entire scene. The new-generation CineFX 2.0 Engine, which delivers 2X floating point pixel shading power, and UltraShadow, NVIDIA's new patent pending shadow volume acceleration technology, significantly enhances the performance for the latest engines such as Doom 3 and Abducted. The Intellisample HCT (Hi-resolution Compression Technology), as well as its new anisotropic algorithms, brings 50% efficiency improvement in texture, color, and Z compression than previous solutions, automatically providing a boost to antialiasing. AGP 8x graphics interface is of course available in this revolutionary graphics card.
Asus Video Cards

We are an exclusive Intel® dealer. In fact, our techicians are Intel® Certified. Shown here is the Intel® Pentium 4 Processor. The Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, now available at 3.0 GHz 800MHz Front Side Bus, is the next evolutionary step for desktop processor technology. Based on Intel® NetBurst™ microarchitecture, the Pentium 4 processor offers higher-performance processing than ever before. Built with Intel's 0.13-micron technology, the Pentium 4 processor delivers significant performance gains for use in home computing, business solutions and all your processing needs.
Intel® Processors